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Meanwhile, Back in Washington, and Somalia, and Syria, and Kenya, and … May 26, 2022

How About Crucifixion? On the Recent Tribulations of Death Penalty Enthusiasts May 11, 2022

Can Anyone Actually Do Anything to Bring Universal Health Insurance to California? February 7, 2022

Socialism Creeps Into Dilbert’s Office December 8, 2021

Michael Harrington May 15, 2021

US Elections: “They Should Send Observers Over Here” March 30, 2021

The San Francisco School Board and the public’s trust March 10, 2021

They’re Biden’s wars now February 11, 2021

The Capitol, policing, rhetoric, and the left January 21, 2021

Do we really want to talk to the white working class, or just at them? November 25, 2020

Donald Trump wants to withdraw from Afghanistan? I support that. November 18, 2020

Joe Biden, Don’t Let Donald Trump Run as the Antiwar Candidate! September 3, 2020

Russia accused of a plot to steal vaccine research! July 23, 2020

Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan and Germany Is Still a Good Idea July 17, 2020

Killing Them Softly With Sanctions June 25, 2020

What the Class of ‘70’s Old New Left Might Have Talked About at Their Canceled Reunions May 23, 2020

So, Joe Biden, Here’s the Deal April 17, 2020

Post-Sanders: Dealing with Biden, the DNC, and the Rest of It April 9, 2020

Bernie Sanders in the Age of Coronavirus: We Need Him Now More Than Ever March 26, 2020

A third Iraq War- supporter Democratic presidential nominee? Really? March 17, 2020

Boomer, Hold Thy Tongue March 10, 2020

Paul Krugman on This Bernie Sanders and Socialism Thing February 19, 2020

Rare Bernie Sanders foreign policy lapse in New York Times questionnaire February 10, 2020

Break up the CIA! January 31, 2020

Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment that wasn’t December 23, 2019

My opponent (on the left) has outspent me 30-1 – and I’m kind of okay with that November 20, 2019

Turkey, the Kurds, and Lots and Lots of US Weapons October 11, 2019

The US Needs a Marshall Plan for Central America July 23, 2019

Only Bernie – 2020! Yes, there are other good candidates, but … May 29, 2019

A progressive primary for San Francisco? April 2, 2019

Not all innocent Muslims killed are remembered in the same way March 29, 2019

The Primary Route – Pathway for Democratic Socialists March 25, 2019

San Francisco Democrats Adopt Venezuela Stance Diametrically Opposed to Pelosi’s March 12, 2019

The President and the Speaker – Foreign policy twins separated at birth?  February 13, 2019

What’s the right way to end the Afghanistan War? Leave.  February 7, 2019

Nancy Pelosi Represents House Democrats, but San Francisco? Not So Much December 21, 2018

Tragedies and statistics: Jamal Khashoggi and Brent Taylor November 10, 2018

The socialists aren’t leaving the Democratic Party  October 23, 2018

A Trojan Horse for the U.S.? August 21, 2018

May We Speak of Reason, Rather Than of Treason? July 19, 2018

DSAers in Office June 27, 2018

The Afghanistan War and the California Senate Race May 24, 2018

California Democrats Call for End to Seemingly Endless Afghanistan War March 6, 2018

Is Vasco Núñez de Balboa a role model for our children? December 15, 2017

If You Hate Donald Trump, Hate This War, Too  August 24, 2017

A Thought for Bernie Sanders: Maybe He Should Join the Democratic Party? July 21, 2017

Move to the center! And then? Move to the center!    July 8, 2017

Democratic squabble in Sacramento – just another skirmish on the route May 25, 2017

A California fix from out of old Massachusetts?  May 5, 2017

San Francisco Democrats tell Pelosi to Oppose Syria War May 3, 2017

The significance of Bernie Sanders’s opposition to Donald Trump’s Syria bombing April 17, 2017

The Democratic Party Left After the Ellison DNC Campaign: Unite or Fight? March 20, 2017

Single-payer health care returns to Sacramento     March 14, 2017

The Stakes in the Race for Democratic National Committee Chair February 21, 2017

The Keith Ellison DNC Challenge January 17, 2017

Donna Brazile Needs to Leave the DNC—Right Now November 14, 2016

If You Mean It, Hillary Clinton, Say It Loud October 13, 2016

Third Party Loyalists: Insanity Redefined or Political Attention Deficit Disorder? September 2, 2016

Don’t Mistake a Protest Vote for a Strategy August 12, 2016

Sanders ready to launch ‘Our Revolution’ August 9, 2016

In It For the Long Run August 4, 2016

Live from the Wells Fargo Center, It’s the Democratic National Convention July 31, 2016

In Defense of My Fellow Sanders Delegates July 27, 2016

An Old-Time Convention In Philadelphia? July 7, 2016

The Missing Clinton-Sanders Debate: California Dreaming? June 4, 2016

Can superdelegates be convinced to support Bernie Sanders? Unlikely, but not impossible May 19, 2016

The Sanders Campaign – From Sea to Shining Sea April 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous California Poll April 15, 2016

We Need to Explode the Myth That Hillary Clinton Is the Stronger Candidate – and We Need to Do it Fast April 8, 2016

Sanders Supporters Are Not Sheep… They’re the Future March 23, 2016

Sanders and Clinton After Michigan: A Look at the Map March 11, 2016

Does Hillary Clinton Actually Have Superior Experience? February 26, 2016

Feeling the Bern: An Analysis of the Sanders Phenomenon  February 10, 2016

To All the Clinton Supporters on the Left—Please Come Home! January 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders and the Superdelegates January 16, 2016

On Medicare-for-All, Clinton Reminds Us That She’s Part of the Problem December 22, 2015

The Bernie Sanders campaign and the great fear on the American left December 10, 2015

On Bernie Sanders’s Foreign Policy October 28, 2015

The Source of Terrorism Revealed – Is Anyone in Congress Paying Attention? October 6, 2015

What’s Barney Frank Got Against Primaries? July 29, 2015

Only in America?  The False Dichotomy Between Movement Building and Electoral Politics May 21, 2015

The Significance of Bernie Sanders’s Decision to Enter the Democratic Primaries May 1, 2015

To the classrooms, Baby Boomers September 9, 2014

Why the Democrats Should Hope Bernie Sanders Runs in the Presidential Primaries June 23, 2014

Because America Needs an Electoral Left: Why Bernie Sanders Should Enter the Presidential Primaries  April 4, 2014

Suspension reform isn’t so simple  February 18, 2014

Those Still Going On About Ralph Nader Electing Bush in 2000 Should Desist January 10, 2014

Yes Mr. Newman, the North Koreans Are Still Upset About that War December 17, 2013

The Cold War Really Should Be Over For Everyone December 8, 2013

The Kosovo Precedent — Again August 29, 2013

Americans — The Only Ones Not In On the Secret August 8, 2013

Wanted: Candidates for 2016 July 4, 2013

Tony Blair Finds the Trouble Within Islam June 21, 2013

42-Jackie Robinson, Wendell Smith (and Lester Rodney) May 28, 2013

Single Payer Health Insurance Bill Orphaned in California April 30, 2013

John Kerry Objects to a Presidential Election — Thirteen Years Too Late April 23, 2013

The Charmed Life of John Kerry March 18, 2013

What If the Chinese Killed the Dalai Lama with a Drone Strike? February 22, 2013

For Whom Do You Lobby, Madame Secretary?  December 7, 2012

George McGovern and Second Chances October 30, 2012

California Labor Gets a New Monument But No New Rights October 6, 2012

Vote For the War Criminal– It’s Important September 14, 2012

Whose Secrets Is the US Protecting These Days? August 22, 2012

The Real “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy Continues July 16, 2012

A Place for the Afghanistan War in this Election? June 1, 2012

David Cameron’s No Poodle — He’s a New Breed April 2, 2012

War Crimes Hypocrisy: The Leona Helmsley Theory of International Relations March 5, 2012

People Who Fly Drones Shouldn’t Throw Stones February 29, 2012

On Not Asking the “Job Creators” the Tough Questions February 6, 2012

The Ron Paul Flap January 22, 2012

TINA Comes to America December 12, 2011

Next Stop, Australia November 23, 2011

Obama-Paul — What Would You Do? October 23, 2011

End Labor Day, Says Profit Council  September 5, 2011

Honey, We’re Bombing a New Country August 3, 2011

A Little More American Raj in Afghanistan? July 25, 2011

Why Does Baseball Hate Dodger Owner Frank McCourt? July 5, 2011

President Earns Peace Prize: Redefines “Hostilities” June 20, 2011

What could we reasonably hope for from an Obama primary challenge? June 19, 2011

Part of the way with the WSJ  June 3, 2011

Why not a third party challenge to Obama?  May 8, 2011

Out now, at last, Mr. President? May 2, 2011

San Francisco — Reaganomics is back April 10, 2011

Getting the record straight on interventions past April 5, 2011

Sacramento needs a foreign policy March 23, 2011

 The Arrogance of Power — Ad Nauseum, Ad Infinitum March 22, 2011   

One More from the Gipper February 17, 2011

An Obama Primary Challenge? February 10, 2011

My Trip to the City Formerly Known as Frunze February 7, 2011

Has the New York Times Gone Crazy? January 10, 2011

The American Midterm Elections Seen from Abroad November 16, 2010

On Not Drawing the Wrong Conclusions From Racial Disparaties September 2, 2010

John Kerry Appears Before His Own Committee July 7, 2010

Go Tell Osama Bin-Laden? July 3, 2010

Thank You General McChrystal June 25, 2010

The Remarkable Resilience of this Socialism Thing May 30, 2010

Our Foreign Policy Minsky Moment May 10, 2010

Nuclear Posture Review-Oops We Missed One April 17, 2010

The Crime of Silence April 4, 2010

What Has MoveOn Moved On To? March 22, 2010

The Death Penalty for Killing Innocent Civilians? March 3, 2010

American Foreign Policy Scripted by Dead German Writers? February 14, 2010

For a Bleeping Communist You Sure Know Your Baseball: Conversations with Lester Rodney February 8, 2010

Oh, Massachusetts! January 28, 2010

Danish Prime Minister Announces Invasion of Somalia January 7, 2010

But Afghanistan Is More Complicated than Vietnam December 23, 2009

Thoughts on the Eve of the Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Second Escalation Address November 30, 2009

Time for Hardball on the Health Care Bill  November 6, 2009

Where Were the Anti-War Demonstrators?  November 2, 2009

Obama’s Afghanistan Problem — It’s in Our Hands October 2, 2009 

Three Things About Obama’s Health Care Speech September 15, 2009

A Fitting Tribute to September 11th Victims September 11, 2009

Labor Day 2009 – Change and Opportunity September 7, 2009

Indiana Survey Finds Little Edge for ‘Public Option’ Over Single Payer August 12, 2009

Health Care Change We Can Believe In? Well, Maybe August 6, 2009

San Francisco Dems Tell Pelosi to Support McGovern ‘Afghan Exit’ Bill  July 24, 2009

Robert McNamara and Smedley Butler  July 13, 2009

US Takes the Russian Route to Afghanistan July 7, 2009

San Francisco Gets an Antiwar Congresswoman June 26, 2009

Dick Cheney and Cousin Helen  June 8, 2009

Make the Afghanistan War Supporters Hear Us – At the Polls …  May 28, 2009

Why Are We in Afghanistan? May 19, 2009

Mr. President, We Do Have a Choice April 9, 2009

Making Ourselves Make Him Do It  March 24, 2009

Black Students in California: Asking the Big Questions March 16, 2009

Labor Watch: New York Has a Better Idea February 26, 2009

Obama’s War February 24, 2009

Should We Call it Bailout Stadium? February 10, 2009

Sanity Reigns in Washington? Not Just Yet January 31, 2009

Afghanistan: An Inaugural Gift January 25, 2009

The Legends Win in the End January 19, 2009

If Obama Wants Them To Keep Their Shoes On December 17, 2008

moveon – Fan Club or Force?  November 26, 2008

San Franciscans Endorse Iraq War Funding Cutoff  November 6, 2008

San Francisco to Vote on Iraq War Funding August 21, 2008

Pelosi backs Bush on Iran July 29, 2008

Say It Ain’t So June 18, 2008

You Can’t Beat Something With Nothing June 13, 2008

Ralph Nader-Apoplexy Season All Over Again March 6, 2008

America Gets a Raise — One State at a Time Winter 2008

Presidential Debates Don’t Reflect American Views on Iraq December 31, 2007

The case for Kucinich December 18, 2007

Kucinich for ‘Realists’ November 29, 2007

Protest the War in September, and October, and …  24 Aug 2007

San Francisco Democrats Tell Pelosi To Vote Against Iraq War Funding March 20, 2007

Adios, Augusto and Jeanne December 18, 2006

Democrats and America’s Wars October 5, 2006

A “Thug,” Nancy? September 25, 2006

Universal Health Insurance and the Race for Governor of California September 13, 2006

Lessons of East Timor March 29, 2006

Nancy Pelosi: Still Talking Against the War and Voting for It  February 6, 2006

San Franciscans Oppose the War. Why Don’t Their Representatives? August 11, 2005

Still Out There May 5, 2005

The gov’s mega-mandate December 8, 2004

Turn on the Radio, John Kerry September 29, 2004

Kerry and the War May 5, 2004

Can the Antiwar Movement Love a Candidate Who Doesn’t Love It Back? April 29, 2004

Democrats and Wars April 7, 2004

The March Primary — Your Last Chance to Vote Against the War? March 1, 2004

Closer, But Still No Cigar In San Francisco February 1, 2004 

Party Loyalty and the Mayoral Campaign – So what’s a Democrat to do? December 5, 2003

Pelosi Doesn’t Represent Us April 2, 2003

Open Letter to Jose Ramos Horta March 14, 2003

Upset in San Francisco  February 1, 2001

East Timor’s Agony September 27, 1999

Roots of Terror September 23, 1999

East Timorese are victims of our old, Cold War September 22, 1999

Lester Rodney, the Daily Worker, and the Integration Of Baseball Jan 1, 1999

Everybody Loved It, But … November 1, 1998

“Peacekeeping’ in Bosnia: So far, so good April 7, 1998

Cities can’t solve the nation’s problems November 28, 1997

Basic training for Bosnia: Teach school April 25, 1997

The California Future? February 1, 1997

California corporate lobbyists win the gold August 19, 1996

The impoverished politics of San Francisco June 24, 1996

A Steelworker’s Steelworker Fall 1994

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  1. 3/5/12–
    In your recent article on “War Crimes,” you failed to mention the most notorious “war crimes” nation, even before the country existed–Israel. And war-criminals–Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan, Ishak Shamir, Ariel Sharon, Yehud Barak, Ben Netanyahu, etc. etc. — and with our complicity…..
    Only our ‘protection’ enables some of them to travel abroad without being arrested.
    Any reason for this omission?

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